basically the budget backrooms

19+ levels to explore

A research organization has finally found your lost tape. With that tape it is proven that you weren't missing because you got lost, you noclipped out of reality. You have to get out of this place, an infinite maze with little to no escape. How will you escape this reality noclip?

Reality Noclip: The Backrooms is an exploration, survival horror game. Throughout the game, you will have to find your way out of each level while losing your sanity. These are not your only complications though. There are monsters called entities chasing you from right to left. You will not survive this reality noclip. This game was inspired by the famous internet creepypasta: The Backrooms.

• 19+ levels, more to be added in the future.
• Many different entities.
• Collectable items.
• Different endings, depending on which path you choose.
• Informational menu: if you click H while holding an item it will tell you how to use it and what it does. Also, you can view key bindings and get 1 hint per level.

Currently, this game has 19 levels with many different hidden locations to explore, here are all the levels you can currently go to in this game:
• Level 0
• Level 1
• Level 2
• Level 3
• Level 4
• Level 5
• Level 6
• Level 7
• Level 8
• Level 9
• Level 11
• Level 37
• Level 69
• Level 592
• Level 974
• Level 3999
• Level !
• Level =)
• Level The End

The game currently has 10 different entities, some unique to their level, and some commonly found on a variety of different levels. Some levels don't have entities, so don't worry, you will have time to breathe.
• Entity (NO NUMBER GIVEN) - Bacteria
• Entity (NO NUMBER GIVEN) - Kitty
• Entity (NO NUMBER GIVEN) - The Beings From Above
• Entity 3 - Smilers
• Entity 6 - Dullers
• Entity 9 - Facelings
• Entity 15 - Wretches
• Entity 20 - The Thing On Level 7
• Entity 67 - The Partygoers =)
• Entity 96- The Neighborhood Watch